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The Nomad Cocktail Book

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by Leo Robitscheck
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Now expanded with 100 brand-new recipes, The NoMad Cocktail Book was originally published as an insert into The NoMad Cookbook. It now also boasts 30 full-color illustrations supplementing the black-and-white drawings from the book's initial incarnation

The NoMad, which has expanded from it's original location North of Madison Square in NYC to Las Vegas and Los Angeles, is renowned for its exacting and innovative award-winning bar program. Although author Leo Robitschek is responsible for much of the NoMad bar menu, he gives credit to the many NoMad employees who contributed their own drinks.

For each of the 300 recipes here, Robitschek also provides a pithy summary of the drink's characteristics, since inventive naming, while fun on a menu, does not always make it clear what one is getting.

For instance, Danger Haus is "a bitter, cranberry-forward sherry cobbler." "Bohemia" offers "a rich martini variation with caraway," and the Cameo is "a fall variation on a Sazerac." Notes suggest the proper glass, and ice if needed.

Recipes are arranged in chapters on apéritifs, light-spirited drinks, dark-spirited drinks, classics, and soft cocktails, or those without alcohol. A handy and modern bar book.

Hardcover. Illustrations throughout.

Published: October 22, 2019

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