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No Meat Required: The Cultural History and Culinary Future of Plant-Based Eating

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by Alicia Kennedy
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Taking the 1971 publication of Diet for a Small Planet as a transformative moment when ever-increasing numbers of people began to question the wisdom of and need for eating animal products, Alicia Kennedy explores the growth of vegan dietary ideas in the US.

A vegetarian, former vegan, and journalist, Kennedy is interested in the astonishing amount of cultural freight associated with eating or not eating animals, and the way the choices can be used to segregate one group from another, to persuade people to shop and to spend in specific ways.

Shifting her focus of discovery away from high-visibility, social media-intensive veganism, Kennedy explores conflicts and transformations that demonstrate idealism as well as irony. She’s gimlet-eyed about many efforts, but still capable of being hopeful and, therefore, disappointed. 

An insightful book which we suspect will be useful to future historians for the way it illuminates such a diversity of trends and interests.


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