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Nez #9: Around the World

Nez #9: Around the World

Nez & Idm-lmr
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Published twice a year, Nez explores the world around us via our sense of smell. It provides an insight into the vital role that olfactory sensations play in our lives in a novel approach that encompasses art, literature, science, history, food, and perfume. While a large proportion of each issue is obviously given over to fragrance and perfumery, the relationship between scent and taste is inescapably part of the magazine as well.

Learn about saffron and safranal, its component prized by perfumers .Iconoclastic olive oil producer Alexis Muñoz describes his passion for single-varietal oils and their distinct aromas. Ginger, we learn, can be as affected by terroir as wine grapes. And the spice routes of old might just as easily have been called ‘scent routes’ for the range of aromatic materials that travelled along them.

Handsomely designed with full color throughout. Paperback. This issue is in French only.

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