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Nez #16: Fashion & Fragrance

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Published twice a year, Nez explores the world around us via our sense of smell. It provides an insight into the vital role that olfactory sensations play in our lives. This novel approach encompasses art, literature, science, history, food, and perfume. While a large proportion of each issue is obviously given over to fragrance and perfumery, the relationship between scent and taste is inescapably part of the magazine as well.

This issue, entitled Fashion & Fragrance, explores the way that these labels and the fragrances created for them have impacted the fragrance industry for better or worse. The definition of fashion and label is expansive of all sorts of allegiances and affiliations with a creative scope that we have come to expect from Nez. 

Articles examine topics from Spain as the 'other' cradle of perfumery, to a set of interviews with a Catholic priest, a Rabbi, a Muslim hospital chaplain, and a Hindu priest about the roles of fragrance in ritual and scripture in their respective faiths. A perfumer holds a fantasy consultation for historical figures and great characters from classic literature. In keeping more directly with the issue topic, there is an article tracing the birth of composition houses after the success of Chanel No. 5. 

As always, There are many reviews of recently released (or re-released) perfumes and all things scented (the dishwashing liquid section was a delightful guest edition) as well as reviews of books and other media relating to scent. 

Paperback. Handsomely designed with full color throughout. 

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