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The New Book of Middle Eastern Food (2000)

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by Claudia Roden
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A Kitchen Arts & Letters core book!

The “new” in the title reflects the fact that Roden, born into the Jewish community of Egypt and living in London for the past forty-odd years, has expanded this authoritative resource three times since its initial publication in 1968. In an era when Yottam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi have given the humble everyday food of the eastern Mediterranean a hip and sexy gloss by means of their creative reinterpretations, it’s also important to be able to draw on a work such as this, which documents the household cooking of families from Morocco to Iran. The recipes themselves are often short and simple. It’s Roden’s notes that shine, as she discusses the methods and significance throughout the region for, say, roasting a whole baby lamb, or exploring the fasting rituals of many different religions and sects. An impressive array of knowledge, conveyed with charm and erudition.

Hardcover. Color inserts.

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