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In French

Naturellement Libre: Laissez La Nature Inspirer Vos Asiettes

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by Romain Meder
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Romain Meder is the executive chef at the Alain Ducasse restaurant at Plaza Athénée in Paris. In Naturellement Libre he steps away from Michelin 3-star cuisine to provide thoughtful ideas for simple meals prepared with common kitchen ingredients.

Recipes are arranged seasonally, and then by main ingredient, often a fruit or vegetable. Freshly harvested turnips with braised lettuce and black pepper; green beans with mozzarella; mushrooms with raisins and apple; beets with pomegranate and octopus. (Okay, the octopus is not a common kitchen ingredient but it’s a striking idea, no?).

The transition from restaurant kitchen to home kitchen is not one that all chefs make easily, but Meder’s tight grip on the number of ingredients he uses, as well as on the amount of prep time required, makes this an above average entry in the category of chefs-for-home-cooking.

In French. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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