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Natural Wine for the People

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by Alice Feiring
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A James Beard Award-winning author and a long-time advocate of natural wine, Alice Feiring here offers a succinct, passionate, informed (and therefore briskly opinionated) guide to the burgeoning market segment comprised of organic and biodynamic wines.

As Feiring notes, “Like the Little Engine That Could, this tiny natural wine movement is slowly pulling the rest of the wine world up the mountain. Its influence is outperforming its size.” But despite her fascination with and advocacy of natural wines, Feiring is frank when it comes to the multiplying vocabulary of the wine world (on sustainable: “What a snake pit this one is.”)  With that in mind she has managed to distill—or should that be decant?—a great deal of important, relevant information into this 160 page book.

Specific wines are recommended; certain widely available producers are praised. There are notes on building a natural wine cellar, profiles of leading natural wine advocates, and even suggestions of vineyards and winemakers to visit if you become as fascinated by natural wine as Feiring.

A smart and useful place to begin.

Hardcover. Playful color illustrations throughout.

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