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More Than Cake: 100 Baking Recipes Built for Pleasure and Community

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by Natasha Pickowicz
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Boldly, adventurously flavorful, Natasha Pickowicz’s baked goods are imaginatively presented in carefully written recipes which offer bakers a wealth of ideas and components they can use to liven up their baking.

A James Beard Award-winning pastry chef, Pickowicz draws on many sources of inspiration, from her California childhood and Chinese heritage to the cosmopolitan cross-pollination that living and working in New York can bring.

Although the presentation style of the book does not focus on restaurant-style plated desserts, it’s a gold mine for flavor ideas for any pastry cook looking for imaginative energy.

There are nine chapters in More Than Cake, and just to prove that the book contains all that it promises, we can tell you what they are and a few of the recipes they contain:

  • Never-Ending Cookies
    • Coffee-hazelnut linzers with kumquat preserves
    • Sour glaze maple gingerbread
  • Sweet and Salty Snacks
    • Flaky poppy seed crackers with whipped feta cheese
    • Malted cocoa fudge
  • Single-Layer Cakes
    • Dappled date cake
    • Olive oil cake with crispy capers
  • Modern Layer Cakes
    • Black sesame chiffon cake
    • Passion fruit, coconut, and tequila layer cake
  • Fruit Expressions
    • Nectarine and miso tarte tatin
    • Sour cherry and sunflower seed tart
  • Baking with Vegetables
    • Mushroom, cheddar, and apple tart with seeded rye crust
    • Miso soup Danish with bitter greens
  • Creamy, Elegant Desserts
    • Panna cotta with grated melon
    • Caramel chocolate chip bombe with chocolate shards
  • Yeasted Treats
    • Pecan and black cardamom sticky buns
    • Buttered cucumber sliders
  • First-Light Bakes
    • Spiced rutabaga loaf
    • Big green salad scones

A significant addition to the baking world.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. Measurements by both volume and weight.

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