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Mexico from the Inside Out (out of print)

Mexico from the Inside Out (out of print)

Enrique Olvera
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Olvera’s Mexico City restaurant Pujol has been a destination for gastronomes since it opened in 2000. The chef’s thoughtful, sophisticated take on Mexican culinary tradition created a great deal of excitement, which has continued with the 2014 opening of his NYC outpost, Cosme. In this, his first English-language cookbook, he presents two types of dishes. First is a collection of dishes from Pujol displaying both innovation and a respect for tradition, such as roast suckling pig with a pair of moles: almond and chiles, and cumin and raisin. Next, drawing on a group of more informal restaurants Olvera operates, including Cosme, he also offers more simply prepared food, such as squash blossom quesadillas and the already near-legendary corn husk meringue with corn mousse.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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