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Melba 3: Pastry Magazine by Apicius & Montagud Editores

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Montagud Editores of Barcelona and the team behind Apicius magazine produce this pastry and bread periodical, named for the last dish served at elBulli (which was in turn named for the dessert created by Escoffier).

Fans of the long-running Pastry Revolution will recognize this as a collection of that magazine’s best pieces. But while PR is published only in Spanish, Melba is in English and French.

Among the many leading chefs bakers featured in this issue are Albert Adrià, Eneko Atxa, Claire Damon, Yann Duytsche, Jordi Roca, Rhian Shellshear, and Toni Vera. Each dish is accompanied by a full-page presentation photo so that a wide variety of styles are on display.

Color photographs throughout. Paperback.

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