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Marine Et Vegetale

Marine Et Vegetale

Alexandre Couillon
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Recently named 2016 chef of the year by Gault-Millau and featured on Netflix’s Chef’s Table: France, Couillon has a Michelin two-star restaurant, La Marine, on the Îll de Noirmoutier off the coast of the Loire region. Not surprisingly, his food focuses strongly on seafood, but he has also devoted much attention to creative treatment of vegetables, including a potato ice cream, beets smoked with pine needles, and parsnips and blueberries in elderberry vinegar with trout roe. Marine et Vegetale is composed heavily of photographs; some are plated dishes, others include shots of ingredients, the restaurant, the ocean, etc. The important text is gathered into inserts printed on coarser paper and appears in separate French and English sections, just another distinctive aspect of this book. Color photographs throughout. Cloth-reinforced paperback.
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