Mallmann on Fire: 100 Recipes

Mallmann on Fire: 100 Recipes

Francis Mallmann
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Francis Mallmann, a larger-than-life Argentine chef and restaurateur, also has establishments in Brazil and Uruguay. His passion for cooking outdoors is as large as the plains of the Pampas.

He's just as willing to throw chard and zucchini on the coals to roast quickly as he is to simmer a pot of beans in a cast-iron pot at the edge of the fire or tie a leg of lamb on a string to dangle above a fire pit.

If his methods sound rustic, Mallmann's sense of flavor is sophisticated and keenly suited to his methods. It's so easy to imagine a wedding feast on a beach or a mountainside getaway for two in which Mallmann's cooking would be just the right thing.

Cloth. Color throughout.


Click here for Mallmann's Green Fire.

Click here for Mallmann's Seven Fires.

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