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Magazine F: Namul Issue 16

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Magazine F is a food documentary magazine which focuses on one ingredient per issue. The magazine explores how each ingredient is grown, prepared, and shared in different cultures around the world, through in-depth interviews, inspiring stories, and beautiful photos. The magazine originates in Korea, where it is published roughly 6 times a year. But as part of its quest to examine the use of foods worldwide, it features information on many locations, traditions, cooks, and producers.

This issue focuses on namul, a Korean dish of herbs and greens that varies regionally as well as with the seasons. Most versions are cooked and seasoned, and namul usually features a combination of greens.

Through brief features such as an exploration of the most common namul greens and how they are typically prepared and stored, a foraging trip for namul greens in late spring, and profiles of restaurant chefs employing namul on their menus, this issue reveals a diverse and ever-changing food culture.

Paperback. Color photographs throughout.

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