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Magazine F: Honey Issue 8

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Magazine F is a food documentary magazine which focuses on one ingredient per issue. The magazine explores how each ingredient is grown, prepared, and shared in different cultures around the world, through in-depth interviews, inspiring stories, and beautiful photos. The magazine originates in Korea, where it is published roughly 6 times a year. But as part of its quest to examine the use of foods worldwide, it features information on many locations, traditions, cooks, and producers. This issue on honey includes a visit to Corsica, reputedly a paradise for bees because of its abundance of flowering plants and stringent environmental regulation. Two prominent Corscian apiculturists are profiled, as is an April honey festival on the island. A separate article looks at wild honey hunting styles in places as diverse as Bangladesh and Mozambique, and another looks at urban beekeepers in Berlin, Tokyo, London, Paris and Seoul. A brief list of honeys from around the world makes it clear that honey is a truly local product: linden honey from Russia, sidr tree honey from Saudi Arabia, manuka flower honey from New Zealand, and a Mexican honey with the nearly onomatopoetic name of dzidzilche. Paperback. Color photographs throughout.

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