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Magazine F: Clam Issue 13

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Magazine F is a food documentary magazine which focuses on one ingredient per issue. The magazine explores how each ingredient is grown, prepared, and shared in different cultures around the world, through in-depth interviews, inspiring stories, and beautiful photos.

The magazine originates in Korea, where it is published roughly 6 times a year. But as part of its quest to examine the use of foods worldwide, it features information on many locations, traditions, cooks, and producers.

This issue, focused on the versatile clam, examines them from three angles: from a historical perspective, as a present-day food source, and as an increasing important food source in a rapidly changing world. There are profiles of Oregon clam harvesters, exploration of clam lifecycles, anatomy, and varieties, guides to clam-centric restaurants in Seoul, Paris, New York, and Portland, and a host of bivalve-related trivia.

Paperback. Color photographs and illustrations throughout.

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