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Made in Bangladesh: Recipes and Stories from a Home Kitchen

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by Dina Begum
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For a limited time we have copies signed by Dina Begum.

Dina Begum was born in Bangladesh but moved with her family to the UK as a child. Despite growing up with a mother and grandmother who worked hard to offer their families traditional Bangladeshi food, on returning to the country as a teen she realized that she urgently wanted to know more about its culinary culture.

Made in Bangladesh helps readers understand how the country’s cooking is different from that of its neighbors, emphasizing both seasonal dishes as well as a style of eating that proceeds from course to course, rather than an abundance of dishes served simultaneously. 

Those not already familiar with Bangladeshi food will learn about bhorta, a versatile dish with hundreds of varieties, which at its heart is a mash of vegetables, perhaps with meat or fish, seasoned with mustard oil, onions, and chillies. As a contrast, there’s bangla salat, a zingy salad of carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and onion.

Also here:

  • Fish stew enlivened with clementine peel. 
  • Rice and mutton layered with potatoes
  • Rice flour crumpets
  • Shredded fried beef with onions
  • Spiced milk tea with date molasses

Informative and charming.

Hardcover. Color photography throughout. 

Published: November 14, 2023

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