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Maangchi's Big Book of Korean Cooking: from Everyday Meals to Celebration Cuisine

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by Maangchi
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Combining enthusiasm for Korean cooking with a firm conviction that using traditional methods and ingredients should be no obstacle to any cook, Maangchi is a YouTube sensation (with more than 426 million views). She demonstrates that a popular approach does not have to mean dumbing down. Here, in her second cookbook, she offers more than 140 detailed recipes for dishes that have become synonymous in the American mind with Korean cooking, as well as those which are everyday fare in Korea. There are versions of kimchi and bibimbap, spicy soups and stews, many versions of tofu, and hearty grilled meats. But Maangchi is eager to present other staples of her national cuisine, including octopus porridge, braised taro roots, mung bean jelly, stir-fried dried anchovies, fermented clams, and an array of vegan recipes from Buddhist temple cuisine. There's also a chapter on street food.

For each recipe she also provides its name in Korean, rendered in Roman script as well as the Hangul characters. And throughout the book there are informative sidebars that provide additional context for Korean culinary culture, addressing everything from the versatile onggi pottery used in many different ways to holiday menus and lunchbox fare. Bright and convincing.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

Published: October 29, 2019

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