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OP: Lucky Peach Vol 4

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Volume 4, The American Food Issue, tackles the complicated and broad scope of American cuisine with a clever and nuanced approach, by no means claiming to be the final word but giving us plenty to think about.

In this issue: David Treuer explores the evolving foodways of his tribe, the Ojibwe, as they moved westward both during the pre-contact ant the colonial period; Richard Parks writes of Cambodian war refugees cornering the doughnut market in California, owning approximately 90% of independent doughnut shops at the time of the magazine’s publication; microbiologist Ben Wolfe discusses microbial terroir, the idea that the microbes playing a role in the fermentation of a product in any given region lend a particular flavor profile different from its counterpart in any other locale; John Haskell writes about the Mafia and their some of their food-business enterprises.

Color photographs and illustrations throughout. Paperback. This copy is second hand and shows some creasing to the cover and wear around the corners. Otherwise in Very Good shape.

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