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OP: Lucky Peach Vol 2

OP: Lucky Peach Vol 2

Peter Meehan and Editors
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After swinging for the fences with issue #1 (and earning a tour of the bases), the Lucky Peach team had created a very high set of expectations, which they promptly met in the second issue. Perhaps best remembered now for a sheet of custom, sassy stickers that might have been created by Lynda Barry if she had been imprisoned in a feverishly hot fruit warehouse, the issue also includes a tribute to Ferran Adria, with recipes, written by David Chang; a demystification of Japanese knife making; a tribute to a remarkable variety of apricots (which might seem treasonous in a magazine called Lucky Peach), and a Harold McGee column exploring differences in human taste perception.

Paperback. Color photographs and illustrations throughout. This copy is second hand and worn about the corners, otherwise Very Good shape. Sticker sets are complete!

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