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OP: Lucky Peach Vol 19

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Pho, glorious pho. As David Chang says in an editor’s note here, “If anything’s going to kill ramen, it’s pho, and I’m excited about that.” And as the pho-filled issue of this quarterly magazine makes clear quickly, pho inspires strong feelings among its devotees, who weigh in here on subjects as diverse as the outstanding pho vendors in Ho Chi Minh City, taste testing instant phos (who knew?), choosing the right ingredients for your home batch, profiles of beloved pho restaurants in the United States, pho recipes from Charles Phan of The Slanted Door, and a fascinating history of the dish from Andrea Nguyen that lays to rest the idea that the name was borrowed from the French feu.

Zippy, energetic design and photography as always. And one of the hardest issues to come by these days!

Color photographs throughout. Paperback.  This copy is second hand and shows some creasing to the cover and wear around the corners. Otherwise in Very Good shape.

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