OP: Lucky Peach Vol 11

OP: Lucky Peach Vol 11

Peter Meehan and Editors
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In characteristic style, the All You Can Eat issue of Lucky Peach explores the theme creatively, insightfully, and a bit irreverently.

Included in this issue: a piece by Harold McGee who writes about pushing boundaries on edibility and food safety, with an anecdote about an unnamed scientist who “a century ago” made bread leavened with the bacteria from an infected wound; Fuchsia Dunlop recalls a forty-two course Sichuan feast by famed chef Yu Bo; Rachel Khong interviews a team living in a Mars simulation in Hawaii for four months about the cooking and eating experience on another planet; and a piece by Kevin Pang about the food in a mid-western correctional facility.

Color photographs and illustrations throughout. Paper. Please note that while this copy is unused, it is missing a diagonal piece of paper on the rear cover, about a quarter of the total.

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