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Love, Loss, and What We Ate; a Memoir (Paperback)

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by Padma Lakshmi
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Most recognizable these days for her role on the long-running hit show <em>Top Chef</em>, Lakshmi has shifted between careers, countries, and continents, not always with ease. As she has moved from India to New York to California to Massachusetts to Spain to Italy to France, and from modeling to writing and television, food has been a locus for relationships with family, friends, and lovers. Her memoir focuses less on the glamor of an international lifestyle than on lessons learned from people—mostly women—who have inspired, sacrificed, and endured. Frank without being the least bit sensational, Lakshmi addresses a long struggle with endometriosis as well as her efforts to be treated as an equal partner in a variety of relationships. Quite moving. Paperback, &nbsp; &nbsp;

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