Lombardia in Cucina

Lombardia in Cucina

Paola Baccetti
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Italian publisher Sime Books has done a wonderful thing with their …in Cucina series, offering regional cookbooks that present traditional and modern recipes unfiltered by considerations of whether unadventurous Americans will eat dishes that contain pig’s ears, can find wild hops, or even take to fruit mustards. We’re especially pleased to now have their volume on the food of Milan, Italy’s largest and richest city, with a culinary heritage that includes strong influences from France and Austria. The entire Lombardy region, of which Milan is the central city, has been slighted by English-language book publishers, and as a result, the food here is often excitingly unfamiliar: beet risotto with poppy seeds; dried sardine salad with anchovies, squid ink, and polenta; tartar of lake trout with its eggs. Wine pairings are suggested for each dish. Recipes are terse and assume good kitchen skills. Two bonuses: photography of both food and the regions is absolutely beautiful, and the text is in both Italian and English. (Also available in this series are Alpine, Calabria, Rome, Sicily, Tuscany, and Venice). Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.  
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