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Loaves and Fishes Cookbook [2nd Ed]

Ana Pump with Gen Leroy
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When it first appeared in 1985, The Loaves and Fishes Cookbook—featuring recipes from a popular Long Island take-out shop—was all the rage. It offered stylish food, most of it simply prepared. In our minds, it has long seemed a spiritual link between The Silver Palate Cookbook and The Barefoot Contessa. The original publisher eventually gave up on the book, but author Anna Pump frequently printed copies of her own and sold them at the shop in Sagaponack. We were always happy to order stock and sell them here at Kitchen Arts. And we're delighted again that Sybille van Kempen, Anna's daughter and a contributor of many recipes in the book, has commissioned yet another printing. If the book's name isn't enough to evoke its magic, we'll simply say that the recipes, with their comfortable blend of European and American traditions, offer a casual, easy-going approach that speak to lazy summer weekend dinners at which everyone is relaxed, happy to eat what's fresh from the garden or farmers' market, and not really concerned with what's on trend. Which is a lovely way to entertain your friends and yourself. New copies on Amazon are currently priced well over $50.00. Paperback. Line illustrations.
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