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Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail - Best Book on Cocktails

Liquid Intelligence: The Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail

Dave Arnold
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Rigorous, exacting, fascinatingly detailed, and wonderfully inventive, this first book from the host of Cooking Issues podcast and the man behind Booker & Dax and Existing Conditions—two of New York’s most cutting edge cocktail bars, both sadly gone—may challenge nearly every assumption you have about how drinks are made, what should go into them, and how they should be served.

Arnold applies his relentlessly inquiring mind to the science of ice formation, flavor infusion, clarification techniques, fat washing, carbonation, and just about any other topic which a creative cocktail geek might wish to explore in the pursuit of understanding and innovation.

The book is full of recipes but is more to be prized for Arnold’s perception, as well as his dry humor and pithy advice on everything from rigging a liquid nitrogen set-up to choosing an ice shaver.

Hardcover. Color photographs.

Dave Arnold has written an extra cocktail recipe just for people who purchase this book from Kitchen Arts & Letters!

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