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Grand livre du snacking

Le Grand Livre du Snacking

Thomas Marie, Arnaud Nicolas, Patrick Ogheard, Christian Segui
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Le Grand Livre du Snacking offers a gorgeously presented, high-level approach to casual food, ranging from sandwiches and burgers to fish & chips, pizza, and quiche.

A collaboration between four chefs from within the Alain Ducasse restaurant multiverse, the book features clean, color presentations of food which could work well as upscale bar fare, an occasional tray-passed hors d'oeuvre, or as part of snappy appetizer menu.

A hot dog with the works is served in an almost sculptural bun; a slice of carefully composed zucchini quiche resembles from the side a cubist mural; savoury vegan waffles look like tiny jewel boxes with treasures in each compartment.

With almost 80 recipes, nearly every one of them accompanied by a full-page photograph, this is inspiring and playful, a creative boon to those who regularly add new ideas to their menus.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. In French.

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