Knife Skills Illustrated: A User's Manual

Knife Skills Illustrated: A User's Manual

Peter Hertzmann
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This practical manual covers beginner and intermediate knife skills with the thoroughness one would expect from a seasoned cooking teacher, which is precisely who author Peter Hertzmann is.

Following a thorough grounding in basics, which begins with understanding how knives work, and what the different parts of the knife are, why certain types of knives are best suited to particular tasks, and knife care Hertmann presents chapters on cutting vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and poultry.

The book is illustrated with line drawings rather than photographs, which allow and emphasis on the essential elements of a particular cut and the omission of any extraneous or distracting material.

From dicing a potato and peeling an avocado to boning a whole trout and carving a leg of lamb, Knife Skills Illustrated offers explicit instruction in the most cutting common tasks cooks will confront.

Hardcover. Line illustrations.

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