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Kitchen Work #9: The Home Cooking Issue

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Kitchen Work is a journal published out of San Francisco, edited by food professionals and activists.  Each issue takes on a particular theme, and writers of all experiences and types are invited to contribute.

The relative newness and 'zine-like, underground nature of the periodical opens itself up to a swath of writers and creatives as yet untapped by mainstream publications. The result is a collection of fresh, unencumbered voices and perspectives.

Issue #9, The Home Cooking Issue includes contributions from, among others:

  • Josh Martin - The Croque Monsieur, In Grief and Joy
  • Greg Emilio- Regarding Failures in the Kitchen. 
  • Clare Michaud- On processing their fathers illness through cooking with their weekly CSA. 
  • Leigh Biddercome- The Clam Dealer, where the protragonist goes on an unexpected adventure in procuring clams for a dinner party. 
  • Molly Pepper Steemson- On the joys of a late night bowl of spaghetti, eaten in the bathtub. 


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