Kitchen Work #7: The Quarantine Issue

Kitchen Work #7: The Quarantine Issue

Kitchen Work
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Kitchen Work is a journal published out of San Francisco, edited by food professionals and activists.  Each issue takes on a particular theme, and writers of all experiences and types are invited to contribute.

The relative newness and 'zine-like, underground nature of the periodical opens itself up to a swath of writers and creatives as yet untapped by mainstream publications. The result is a collection of fresh, unencumbered voices and perspectives.

Issue #7, The Quarantine Issue, debuted in the summer of 2021 as the world's relationship to home cooking and comfort eating experienced a rapid change of pace and perspective. 

Contributions include:

  • an essay by rare book dealer Gabriel Boyers on experiencing the early days of uncertainty, increasingly ambitious cooking projects, and finding the courage to dine out again
  • an interview about the sensory perceptions of those afflicted with COVID-19
  • a recipe for roti from writer and textile designer Sumitra Mattai as relayed to her by her mother over the phone
  • a poem by boutique owner and painter Katy Klassman, which succinctly sums up the early pandemic experiences shared by many
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