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Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: Edible Edition

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by Liz Lee Heinecke
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For kids 8-12 whose kitchen curiosity takes a scientific angle—or for parents trying to encourage one interest to blossom into another—Kitchen Science Lab for Kids is a fun and practical activity guide that produces good things to eat while explaining scientific principles.

Author Liz Lee Heinecke, a researcher in molecular biology whose own kids were always fascinated by why an ingredient behaved as it did in the kitchen, has transformed the lessons she gave them into this easy-to-use book. Each recipe project comes with safety tips, an explanation of the principle being demonstrated, notes on the required time and potential yield, and flags for steps where adult supervision is needed. (She's a mom, so she knows what questions parents will ask before turning kids loose.)

What will your budding reincarnations of Einstein and Julia Child create? Everything from refrigerator pickles, fluffy rice, and popovers to hummus, meatballs, and even fresh mozzarella cheese. A great activity guide for parents and kids to use together.

Paperback. Color photographs throughout.

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