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Kitchen Remix: 75 Recipes for Making the Most of Your Ingredients

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by Charlotte Druckman
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Find three ingredients that go well together, and you can use them in all kinds of ways to create satisfying meals. If you think that sounds a little too pat, Charlotte Druckman is here to make a compelling argument otherwise. When you light upon flavors, and sometimes textures, that harmonize, you can riff on them in many different ways. Druckman, a food writer who was most recently the author of Women on Food and who created Food52's Piglet Tournament, shares 25 three-ingredient combos and then demonstrates three ways you can use them together. Her trios display a certain savoir faire and imagination, enough so that you won't feel like she's simply rehashing old standards. To wit, sweet potatoes, tahini, and vanilla. Or oats, apple, and gouda. Why not ground beef, eggplant, and parsnip? Or salmon, peas, and celery root? And along the way there are other great ideas beyond the ingredient pairings. Turn leftover rice into a savory pie crust. If you can't barbecue your burgers, charred eggplant adds the smoky taste you're missing. It's all interesting and attractive and as long as you have the ingredient access of an urban center, you'll have many good meals. Hardcover. Color throughout.

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