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Kindness & Salt, Recipes for the Care & Feeding of Your Friends & Neighbors

Kindness & Salt, Recipes for the Care & Feeding of Your Friends & Neighbors

Ryan Angulo & Doug Crowell
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Amidst the bright flashes of light that generate attention for the Brooklyn restaurant scene, Angulo and Crowell have created a pair of steady, enduring, and beloved restaurants: Buttermilk Channel, now celebrating its tenth anniversary serving contemporary American food, and the more recent French Louie, which offers what its name suggests.

In this, their first cookbook, in place of glossy presentation photos, the pair offer home cooks an array of very doable recipes that capture the better things about thoughtful modern American restaurant fare. Iceberg wedges with citrusy French dressing, tarragon, andpickled mustard seeds. Duck meatloaf studded with raisins (which seems to belong on top of a small pile of succotash). Parsley-crusted hake with summer beans. As friendly and charming as the restaurants.

Color illustrations throughout. Hardcover.

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