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Johnny Zucchini & Friends

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by Johnny Iuzzini
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This was the inaugural issue of a zany, pun-laden comic featuring the adventures of one Johnny Zucchini (who bears more than a passing resemblance to a pastry superchef Johnny Iuzzini), prepared for the 2017 Big Apple Comic Con.

Cast from the heights of Olympus because he dares to share the Golden Apples and transformed into a summer squash... Well, the story isn't the point so much as the good-hearted spoofing of pastry history by a guy who's always willing to leap into action to confront a crisis in sugar.

Accompanied by his trusty sidekick and apprentice, Apron, Johnny darts through history preventing catastrophes. Also here are short adventures spoofing other genres in the name of pastry, including "My Sticky Bun is Quick," "She Solved Murder on the Oreo Express; She Found the Malt Syrup Fountain").

It's all fun and pretty clever.

Color art throughout. Paperback.

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