Jarry 2

Jarry 2

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“Jarry” means food in Polari, a British slang used by, among others, criminals and show people, and in the gay subculture. Not surprisingly then, this new periodical is about gay men and food. Following up on a James Beard nomination for an article in its premier issue, the magazine returns with a volume devoted to makers: artists and artisans, designers and stylists, cooks and bakers. To turn readers into makers, there are of course recipes for everything from babka to an Indian feast and rosé cocktails. Along with some artfully posed photographs of fetching young men, you’ll also find as a thought-provoking article on what makes a gay restaurant, a tour of Atlanta with chef Steven Satterfield, a visit to the London café where Oscar Wilde began his ill-fated affair with Alfred Douglas, and much more. No advertising. Color photographs throughout. Paperback.  
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