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Japan: The Cookbook

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by Nancy Singleton Hachisu
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From the author of two of our favorite books on Japanese cooking, Japanese Farm Food and Preserving the Japanese Way, this comprehensive treatment of a broad and complex subject was many years in the making.

Nancy Singleton Hachisu moved to Japan from California in 1988. She has been teaching and writing about Japanese food for those 30 years, sharing her personal experience, as well as the fruits of her extensive research, travels, and relationships with the people of her adopted home. Here Hachisu conveys the complex relationship between geography, history, culture, and agriculture that has evolved into Japan's modern national cuisine.

She tells the story through over 400 recipes organized by technique and place in a meal: Before the Meal, Dressed, Raw, Vinegared, Simmered, Soups, Steamed, Stir-fries, Fried, Grilled, Noodles, Rice, Pickles, One-Pots, and Sweets, with an additional chapter on influential chefs from Japan and their signature dishes. There are also useful glossaries of ingredients, tools, and kitchen terminology. Although she includes some regional classics, most recipes are contemporary home standards that developed with the advent of modern food distribution systems in Japan.

Flavors are simple and emphasize the freshness and quality of main ingredients. Try dishes such as dashi egg with garlic chives; eggplant in sesame miso; vinegared turnips with dried persimmons; clam broth soup; one-pot seafood udon; traditional sukiyaki; and sweets such as gohei (grilled) mochi.

Hardcover. Attractively bound with a faux-bamboo effect. Rich color photography throughout.    

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