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The Island Kitchen: Recipes from Mauritius and the Indian Ocan

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by Selina Periampillai
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Born to parents who emigrated from Mauritius, Selina Periampillai is now a culinary instructor and the host of a Mauritian supper club in London.

Her good-looking book offers an array of recipes that illustrate the many overlapping cultural influences in the islands of the Indian Ocean, where various African and Indian, as well as French, Portuguese and even Chinese cuisines mingle.

For each recipe, Periampillai is careful to identify the island from which it is drawn, calling attention to the contexts in which it is served, while at the same time evoking a sense of place.

A tiny white shellfish called tec tec, found in the sand of Seychelles beaches is served in a gingery tomato broth (you can substitute clams or mussels). Braised eggplant with tomatoes, thyme and chilli from Mauritius bears the local name of touffé bringel, reminding us of the dish's partially French heritage. Cumin and lentil flatbreads from Mauritius are a ubiquitous street food, wrapped around an array of fillings that make them nearly everyone's comfort food.

Gorgeous and appealing.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout. British measurements.

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