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In My Blood

In My Blood

Bo Bech
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Bo Bech's previous book, What Does Memory Taste Like, evoked his experience at Paustian, a much-lauded restaurant which he closed at the height of its popularity. In My Blood captures the creative energy of his later enterprise, Geist, by presenting 100 dishes, beautifully photographed by the chef himself. Unusually reflective and articulate for someone on a profession that requires neither quality, Bech says that his inspiration for his food comes from five sources, which he names as

  • The Rage
  • The Tribute
  • The Introduction
  • The Reunion
  • The Journey

In contrast to some restaurant books in which ingredient lists are long and dishes are composed of several discrete recipes, In The Blood features distinctively focused recipes: Morels with Veal Tail and Cocoa has only black pepper and button mushrooms as additional ingredients. Halibut with garlic and nasturtiums has only grapeseed oil additional. This elemental approach is clearly evident in Bech's spare plating as well. Dramatic in style and substance.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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