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Imbibe! 2nd Edition

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by David Wondrich
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A lot has changed since the first edition of Imbibe! was published in 2007. Craft cocktail bars have proliferated around the world, home cocktail making enthusiasts are collecting once-obscure spirits and crafting their own house bitters. Jerry Thomas, we hope, would be proud.

In 2015, David Wondrich updated and revised the beloved Imbibe! to remove redundancies and now-dead wood, to address inconsistencies, and – most importantly – to add new tales of “Professor” Jerry Thomas, and at least 20 more historically and internationally influential cocktails including the Singapore Gin Sling, the Caribbean Green Swizzle, the Peruvian Pisco Sour, and the Argentine-Uruguayan Saint Martin Cocktail, as well as more on the Mint Julep.

Hardcover. Includes 120 classic drink recipes.

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