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Hog Meat and Hoecake: Food Supply in the Old South, 1840-1860

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by Sam Bowers Hilliard
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In 1973, Hilliard, a geographer and anthropologist, published this important examination of the food supply in the American South. A revisionist view of a subject much discussed by historians, it was ahead of its time and has been long out of print. Now recognized as a groundbreaking work, it deals mainly with the period 1840-1880 and demonstrates that in those years, which led up to the Civil War, the South had nearly full food self-sufficiency. In making this point, Hilliard challenges a long-held conviction by many students of the origins of the war that this was not the case. He supports his view with meticulously gathered evidence, including county-by-county maps displaying production of key commodities and export figures from the ports of New Orleans, Mobile, and Charleston. This reissue is part of a program directed by the Southern Foodways Alliance. Maps and graphs. Paperback. If this item is sold out: We'll be doing our best to get more copies in as soon as we can. When we have firm information about their arrival, we'll post it in the first line of the description. It's also possible that there may still be stock on the shelves at the bookstore, so please do not hesitate to call us at 212-876-5550. You may also ask us to notify you directly when it comes back into stock.

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