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Hidden Beauty of Seeds & Fruits, The: The Botanical Photography of Levon Biss

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by Levon Biss
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Carpology is the study of fruits and seeds, with implications in botany, agriculture, and archeology, among other fields. British macro photographer Levon Biss here presents more than 100 fascinatingly detailed images of these means of reproduction.

Not all the fruits and seeds herein come from plants that are commonly regarded as edible—and in the case of some, such as the castor oil plant, they are downright poisonous—but there are many fresh perspectives on those that are eaten. Who among us have seen the horned seed pod of the water chestnut? Or the seed pods of shell ginger, which resemble a furry mushroom? The dramatic fruit of the Himalayan pear, which must be bletted like a quince in order to be edible, resembles randomly embroidered fabric.

A treat for those who find nature beautiful.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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