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Herbal Handbook: 51 Profiles in Words and Art from the Rare Book and Folio Collections of the New York Botanical Garden

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by The New York Botanical Garden
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This attractive small book draws on one of the world's foremost horticultural libraries to present a guide to traditional and modern uses of herbs in the kitchen and throughout the household.

Drawing on sources as diverse as ancient Sanskrit texts and Renaissance-era cookbooks, an editorial team from the New York Botanical Garden addresses plants which are familiar kitchen herbs—for example, basil, dill, and tarragon—and those whose usage has fallen out of fashion—e.g., cornflower, horehound, mallow.

Some uses are not culinary (soapwort does what it says), but cultivation information is provided for anyone who would like their own supply of lemon verbena or sweet woodruff. And the illustrations call to mind an era when careful observation was in itself a form of artistry.

A diverting read that makes us wonder what more the folks at the NYBG know.

Hardcover. Color images throughout.

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