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From the Oven to the Table, Simple Dishes That Look After Themselves

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by Diana Henry
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For a limited time we have bookplates signed by Diana Henry.

A few minutes of prep work on your part, and then you can let your oven do the rest of the work of creating enticing, flavorful dinners. Smart and inspiring, From the Oven to the Table is packed with fresh ideas for weeknight cooking. As James Beard Award-winner Diana Henry says, “I love the alchemy that takes place behind that door. It’s astonishing how heat, on its own—without you directing it or supervising very much—can turn simple ingredients into a meal.” Because Diana Henry has, in the words of Nigella Lawson, "a genius for flavors," From the Oven to the Table helps you prepare meals that are completely different from everyone else's easy-to-make recipes. Imagine enjoying vegetable and grain dishes like:

  • Oregano-roasted eggplants with anchovy and chili sauce
  • Baked rice with green olives, orange, feta cheese and dill
  • Cumin-roasted string beans and tomatoes with tahini and cilantro
Chicken dishes like:
  • Chicken thighs with miso, sweet potatoes, and scallions
  • Chicken and rice with coconut, green chilies, cilantro, and lime
  • Chicken with cauliflower and 'nduja sausage
Meat dishes like:
  • Steak with soy-ginger butter
  • Thyme-roasted lamb chops
  • Roast pork with crushed grapes
Plus fish dishes, plenty of side dishes, and loads of vibrant, flavorful sauces that you can borrow to use on anything you like. A beloved national treasure in the UK, Diana Henry is a longtime columnist for The Telegraph. She has written eleven previous cookbooks and earned abundant and unreserved praise from cooks, including Yotam Ottolenghi, who said, “I would eat anything Diana Henry cooks.” She has not been a household name in the US; instead she has been a sort of secret weapon for American cooks who have discovered her and deployed her culinary imagination to enhance their own reputations. She is also universally praised for the quality of her writing, which Melissa Clark in The New York Times called, "luminous and evocative... the kind of prose that makes you want to run immediately into the kitchen to have your way with some figs. And when you get there, you discover that none of her recipes are fussy, and all of them work. To be accessible, reliable and still thrilling is a very rare achievement indeed." Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.

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