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Fool #6

Fool #6

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The Uncomfortable F Word... Isn't even "fool." It's "fusion." We alternately love it and hate it, extolling culinary practitioners and then jeering them. But as Andreas Petrini makes clear in this issue of the always thoughtful, ever-surprising twice yearly Fool we're fascinated by those who do it best, even if that means subtly. Featured in issue #6: Iñaki Aizpitarte The "Wurstipedia" introduction to German sausages Inspirational sources for Japanese chefs Rodolfo Guzmán Courtney Burns and Nicolaus Balla Peter Gordon Anatolia David Kinch If this item is sold out: We'll be doing our best to get more copies in as soon as we can. When we have firm information about their arrival, we'll post it in the first line of the description. It's also possible that there may still be stock on the shelves at the bookstore, so please do not hesitate to call us at 212-876-5550. You may also ask us to notify you directly when it comes back into stock.
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