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Food of Sichuan, The: A New and Updated Edition of the Classic Land of Plenty

Food of Sichuan, The: A New and Updated Edition of the Classic Land of Plenty

Fuchsia Dunlop
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Now reimagined and reinvented with more than 70 new recipes and extensive photography in Sichuan, this is a significant update to what was already an impressively authoritative regional Chinese cookbook. The first Westerner to study at the Szechwan Culinary Institute, Dunlop made an impressive splash when the original edition of this book was released in 2001. (Somewhat confusingly, it was called Sichuan Cookery in the UK, and Land of Plenty in the US.) This new version, several years in the writing and photographing, incorporates nearly two decades' further exposure to Sichuan cusine, manifested not only in the added recipes, but in additional attention to cultural and historical context for the dishes. If you've owned and enjoyed the original, you'll want the new edition. And if you haven't owned the original, you can now make up for lost time. Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.  
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