Food from Across Africa: Recipes to Share

Food from Across Africa: Recipes to Share

D. Timothy & J Brown F. Todd
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In 2012, three young London men of African heritage founded a twice-monthly supper club called Groundnut to “draw attention to traditional recipes, both inherited and adapted, as well as explore new ingredients and techniques.”

This menu-driven cookbook of theirs should not be taken as an authoritative guide to African cooking. Instead, think of it as the work of talented cooks drawing inspiration from the cuisines of places such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, South Sudan and elsewhere, including Britain.

There’s a cold sweet pea soup bolstered with unripe bananas, chile, lime juice and mint. Beef on skewers is coated in a mixture of peanuts, ginger, and cayenne before grilling. There are even individual Yorkshire puddings with mango curd.

It’s almost as if Ottolenghi had turned his eyes south of the Sahara.

Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.


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