Food Fortunes

Food Fortunes

Josh Lafayette
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This spot-on Tarot deck take-off, visually reminiscent of the famed Rider Tarot cards, suggests that it will answer that ancient mystery: what's for dinner tonight? Draw a card at random for a quick solution when you're feeling peckish, or rely on increasingly sophisticated card layouts to forecast your imminent culinary fate. Will you draw The Slurp, known to the unenlightened as ramen? Will the glorious King of Sides appear, presaging the appearance of mac 'n' cheese on your table? Or perhaps The Sweet Holey One will emerge from the deck to warn you that doughnuts (or police officers) are just around the corner. Very deft humor! Color illustrations throughout. Deck of 78 4.75- x 2.75- inch cards, plus instruction booklet.  
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