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Flavorwalla: Big Flavor, Bold Spices. a New Way to Cook the Foods You Love

Flavorwalla: Big Flavor, Bold Spices. a New Way to Cook the Foods You Love

Floyd Cardoz
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Reared in Bombay, Cardoz made a big mark in New York with his restaurant Tabla, where he served up assertive, thoughtful links between Indian and European-American cooking. That same imaginative approach transfers excitingly well here to weeknight cooking. Dishes such as eggs poached in a vibrant tomato curry or a summer bean assortment served with green mango demonstrate wonderfully how well Cardoz understands flavor and—just as important in our eyes—how gifted he is at creating recipes that inspire further variations. The bean recipes, for instance, could work equally well as a treatment for asparagus or baby summer squash. To reinforce just how much this is the food of his family's everyday life, Cardoz offers chapters on breakfast, make-ahead dishes, game night fare, and other special occasion dishes. So if you're feeling that your daily cooking is beginning to carve itself a rut, here is a great way to reboot.

Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.


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