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Five Morsels of Love

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by Archana Pidathala
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Working from a South Indian cookbook published by her late grandmother, Archana Pidathala has produced a remarkably inspiring collection of contemporary Indian regional recipes based on the food of the coastal state of Andhra Pradesh.

Carefully detailed recipes are supported by lushly beautiful photography, as well as evocative headnotes which offer cultural context, fond memories, and explanations of how a family favorite may differ from the way the dish is typically prepared in the region.

The dishes themselves are remarkably distinctive for those of us used to the northern Indian fare which predominates in American-published books and Indian restaurants in this country. As examples: cabbage stir-fry with fresh coconut; sweet potatoes in a jaggery-infused tamarind sauce; minced mutton with green peas and garlic-ginger paste; beet and yogurt relish; rustic yellow lentil chutney; sorghum flatbread.

We're also very pleased to see that recipe names are usually given in Telugu, the primary local language, as well as in English. This book was short-listed for the Art of Eating Prize and it's very easy to see why.

Hardcover. Color photographs throughout.


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