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Book Cover: Fine Chocolates Gold

Fine Chocolates Gold

Jean-Pierre Wybauw
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Wybauw’s long career as a confectioner and culinary instructor was previously best represented by his four Fine Chocolate books published over nearly a decade. As those original volumes have started to become scarce he has refined the material based on additional research and teaching insight, and reorganized it into this comprehensive guide to the professional production of artisan chocolates.

The majority of the book is composed of recipes for candies and their components: more than 325 pages that run from chocolate mint caramels and beer ganache to rhubarb truffles and pistachio marzipan with whiskey.

Additional technical chapters cover topics such as estimating and extending shelf life, troubleshooting production errors, advantages and disadvantages of specific flavoring sources, and even advice on choosing packaging materials for aesthetic and practical reasons.

Over all, this is more than 540 pages of informed, practical advice for anyone engaged in serious production.

Hardcover. In English. Color illustrations throughout.

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