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Far Afield: Rare Food Encounters from Around the World

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by Shane Mitchell
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For anyone who values a perspective on people who prepare traditional foods and the culture they embody, Far Afield is a delight. As the author says, “Food is a way of understanding that your community is bigger than you think it is.”

A contributing editor at Saveur who has written for many other publications as well, Mitchell has gathered together tales of her encounters with cooks around the world who keep the daily food chain vital. Whether she’s telling you about Kipalonga, a young Masai warrior who allows her to observe him and his friends slaughter a sheep, or Mantra, a Rabari woman in Rajasthan who encourages Mitchell’s efforts to make flatbread, it’s remarkably easy to be absorbed into the ways of life Mitchell evokes. (Surely James Fisher’s compelling photography helps with that).

There are recipes here as well, often quite simple but very evocative.

We think this is a treasure.

Color photographs throughout. Hardcover.  

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